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Nursery School

Our Nursery School Section

At PAIS, our Nursery Schools, children experience a calm, positive and happy environment where they will grow into kind, curious and independent young learners.

At this age, Nursery school children’s learning is dependent on engagement and engagement is strongly linked to play. By providing a structure to harness the power of play, we enable our children to develop their skills, learning abilities and individual personalities in an enjoyable, engaging way. We also partner with parents to forge strong home/school links to ensure the children make a confident and happy start to their education.

Subjects taught at our Nursery School

  • Basic Science 
  • Music Classes
  • English
  • Number work
  • Health Habits 
  • Rhymes 
  • CCA
  • Social Studies 
  • CRS
  • Phonics 
  • Outdoor Activities
  • Mathematics 
  • Religion and National Values
  • Basic Technology 
  • Computer 
  • History 
  • Agricultural Science
  • PHE

Extracurricular activities includes Games, Colour  day, Toy day, cultural day, career day. Our passion and responsibility is not only teach children the curriculum but to inculcate in them the importance of values such as perseverance, integrity and empathy. Our children are surrounded by an environment that is warm, respectful and kind. Our children thrive in this atmosphere and bring those values to their own relationships.

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