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How to help your children learn faster

Is there a way to make your children’s learning faster?

Raising children in such a pressure-soaked environment like Africa can be stressful. From common tests to major exams, a pupil’s life is all about keeping up, while not buckling under the pressure.

So, little surprise parents are eager that their children to learn quickly. Still, is this just the ability to acquire knowledge at light speed?

  • To enhance your child’s experience. should you as parent work towards meaningful learning or mindset?  
  • Do you prefer your child to not only learn fast but in a constructive and meaningful way?  

What parents should be working towards (in terms of enhancing a child’s learning experiences) is ‘meaningful learning’ and a ‘growth mindset  …

Freda Sutanto
Hear are in this article. we share five (5) effective ways to help your child learn faster:  

#1 Help kids take charge of their learning goals
To help your child take charge of their learning goals, ask them what they would like to get out of learning a particular concept.

#2 Play games to encourage independent learning/self discovery
Introducing children to various card and board games helps them become faster and sharper learners. Reading, strategizing and being exposed to the challenging situations in these games allow his children to use different aspects of their abilities.

#3 Provoke emotional responses, so the topic becomes more memorable
Learning is emotional at heart -when it comes to meaningful learning, we are really asking how a concept resonates with an individual and their experience. When a topic is meaningful and stirs up an emotional response, it does not get forgotten as easily. 

#4 Understand your child’s attention span and “on-task” limits
Take some time to understand how long your child can pay attention for, and work within those limits to manage and stretch attention. For children with a shorter attention span, work towards stretching it slowly by increasing their “on-task” time one to two minutes every couple of weeks. 

#5 Teach your child about the “learning pit”
When your child first learn about a specific concept, they may struggle to understand it and therefore fall deeper into a “learning pit”. Various strategies can be used to overcome their challenges. Work with your child to help them overcome their struggles. These strategies include taking a break, reading up more about the topic, discussing it with someone else or trying a new approach.


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