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Preparing your toddlers for first day at School

Make school a memorable experience for your baby

Starting school is a big step for any toddler, but it shouldn’t be scary. With the right approach and some preparation, you can make sure your baby is ready and excited to take on this new challenge. This article offers tips on introducing your toddlers to going to school so that they feel confident and secure when they get to school. 

  • Talking to your toddler about going to school before the ”D-day”
    Introducing your toddler to the idea of going to school is a great way to prepare them and a helpful way of developing the bond between parent and child. The conversation around the concept of stepping into the role of a student will promote exploration and curiosity for your toddler to understand more about schooling and make this transition easier.
  • Take him/her to visit a Creche before the start date
    Visiting a daycare center before the start date is crucial when introducing toddlers to school. It allows children and their parents to become familiar with the environment, building, and staff members before attending. This will help alleviate stress and anxiety around the transition since children already understand what to expect when they join on their start date.

  • Involve your toddlers in school activities at home.
    One of the best ways to build up their confidence ahead of time is by involving them in fun activities like story time, games, and art projects at home. This helps keep their minds sharp and prepares them for those busy classroom settings.

  • Rewarding good behavior both in and out of the classroom
    Rewarding good behavior both in and out of the classroom gives children an incentive to continue doing well and encourages them to remain on track with their academic goals. It can also improve their academic performance, boost their self-confidence, help with social skills development, and create an overall environment of positivism. 

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